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Office Cleaning Services

Businesses of all sizes and sectors benefit from a professionally cleaned office space. First and foremost, employees appreciate coming in to work each day to a business environment that is tidy and free of dirt and dust, not to mention yesterday’s trash.

Workers can focus on the tasks assigned to them effectively when they are not distracted by an unkempt workplace, and that increased productivity is a direct boost to a company’s cost efficiency.

Additionally, a regular office cleaning service ensure that cubicles, private offices, conference rooms and reception areas are free from germs. Employees have a higher likelihood of staying healthy when professional office cleaning is done right and consistently.

We operate in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Greater Maryland including the following: Arlington, Alexandria, Annandale, Annapolis, Bowie, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Hyattsville and many more. Set your business up for success and allow your team to focus on operations and profitability instead of picking up after each day.

Cleaning of common areas, including debris pick-up

Detailed cleaning of restrooms, breakrooms and kitchens

Trash pickup and recycling removal

Vacuuming common areas, private offices and lobbies

Shampooing and stain removal for carpeted areas

Floor cleaning and polishing of non-carpeted areas

Dust common areas, offices and conference rooms

Glass and window cleaning

Your Time is Valuable, Let Us Do the Cleaning

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BBB Accredited Office Cleaning

BBB Accredited

If your business is considering enlisting the help of DC office cleaners or Maryland office cleaners, Maid Perfect has you and your company covered. We offer a wide range of light to detailed office cleaning services to meet the specific needs of your work space.

Clients and customers are far more likely to continue frequenting a company’s brick and mortar location when that organization takes care to keep common areas, lobbies, entrances and reception spaces clean and organized. No one wants to come into a business establishment that is messy or looks less than professional.

Clean High Touch Areas

Clean High Touch Areas

In addition to these expert office cleaning services, Maid Perfect also pays special attention to detail when it comes to high touch areas. Between customers, vendors and employees, certain aspects of an office space need a greater level of cleaning and sanitation.

High touch areas often include keyboards, computer mice, printers and scanners, elevator buttons, water fountains, telephones, doorknobs and handles, as well as stair railings and banisters. Our office cleaning experts understand how important it is to keep these areas of your business fresh, clean and sanitized on a regular basis.

Our Trusted Process

Our Trusted Process

At Maid Perfect, we believe that office cleaning should be designed to meet the specific needs of your company or organization. An office space that is not visited each day by employees or customers may only require a weekly cleaning or sanitization; high traffic facilities with frequently used conference rooms, private offices or common areas may be better suited for daily office cleaning. No matter what your business needs, we strive to create an office cleaning plan that keeps your business looking its best. Our highly trained office cleaning experts use only the highest quality green cleaning materials and products to freshen up your space, and we pride ourselves on getting the job done perfectly.